Kitty TWIST’R® Refill Bags

kitty TWIST’R® Refill Bags 10 Pack

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  • 10 Replacement bags for use with Red Rocket’s kitty Twist’R® Litter Disposal System
  • 7-layer bag traps odor molecules and OUTMARTS ODORS™
  • Bag lifts out the top when full for easy disposal
  • Each bag holds up to 2 weeks of soiled kitty litter
  • Patented design means bag never untwists, so it never smells

These 7 layer bags actually trap odor molecules that are too big to escape through the layers, AND keep the stink contained with the patented TWIST that always remains at the top. Cat owners, friends and family can now breathe easier ‘cause there’s no more cat stench burning a perma-memory into anyone’s noses. It’s hard to imagine life without our feline friends, but it’s easy to get used to life without the powerful stench that comes with them. Twist and forget it with the kitty TWIST’R®.


Look how easy it is to use, and yet oh so effective at containing odors!


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